Glimpses of God in the Psalms - Digital Book

Glimpses of God in the Psalms - Digital Book

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A Note of Introduction

It is not until we still our busy lives, take time to read God’s message in the Psalms, and listen with our hearts that we will come to better know God. Then we will see God’s power, righteousness, justice, holiness, mercy, protection, salvation and love. Man is made in God’s image and as we study Psalms to know God’s character, we learn how He intends for us to be.

The book of Psalms can touch our very core as not only reflected by the psalmist David but by many others. Psalms is a collection of poetry put to music; ranging from deep longing to jubilant expression of joy. God’s creation exalts and petitions Him. Also, Psalms exalts the truth of God’s word and the plan for the Messiah. The Psalms bring hope and comfort leading to a peace and an overflowing joy. This book, like no other in the Bible, is the outpouring of praise to God from His people.

We can learn so much about praise from the psalmists. As we go through this study, spend time reading the Psalms given for each lesson. You will be blessed by taking the extra time to read the complete Psalm even if it’s not required to answer the questions. Try reading aloud. The Psalms were meant to be given a voice, especially in song. Throughout the Psalms you will also discover a purposeful repetition of phrases, thoughts and themes that reinforce the intent of the praise or lament. Let us join together in this study to learn more about God, the creator of the universe.

Like all other Illuminations studies, this workbook is written from the New International Version. You should be able to answer all the questions by examining the text, examining your life and occasionally using your dictionary. Each lesson is divided into five sections. If at all possible, spread your study time out over several days and let the psalmists’ words influence your daily walk. Please be sure to pray before you begin each lesson.

Our prayer is that you are able to catch a glimpse of God’s character and learn to praise Him more each day over the next twelve weeks.

 Debbie McAfee and Linda Scott