Digital Studies are available

All Study Guides can be purchased in book form or can be downloaded digitally.

Exciting News from Light My Path Ministries!

Thank you for your past purchases from Light My Path Ministries! We hope that your study of God's Word has been a blessing to your life.

Our ministry is taking an exciting step by offering our material in a digital format. You can now purchase and download any study guide we have in our library with just a few clicks! You will have access to your study immediately after purchase. We do ask that you purchase a download for each person that will be using the material. All our study guides are copyright protected; royalties are paid to each author. Our authors have worked hard to create and provide these materials and we strive to give them the honor they are due.


You can, of course, still order a printed study guide from us which will be shipped directly to your address. The shipping cost of all physical orders is included in the price and all orders will be shipped by UPS Secure Ground. Volume discounts are now available as you will notice when you place your order.