I and II Peter/Jude - Digital Book

I and II Peter/Jude - Digital Book

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A note of introduction…

 Have you ever been laughed at for insisting on doing what is right, wondered if there were any reward for honestly reporting all your income or needed boldness to identify yourself as a Christian in unfriendly territory?  Maybe you have never been threatened physically but you have most likely lost some sleep and maybe even friends because of people who would like to steal the peace you have in a life of obedience to Jesus.  Peter, a man of experience, offers words of advice to all women who are suffering for the sake of Jesus.

Peter also offers a warning in his second letter about people who would steal your peace by dragging you down an alley with false teaching and leave you there without Jesus Christ and his sovereignty. However, we are not defenseless. Peter tells us how to recognize these teachers, react to them and guard against them.  You will receive valuable information to use as a “truth detector” for your journey towards the hope of salvation Peter tells about in his first letter.  Jude continues the warnings about people who wear sheep’s clothing but are really wolves inside.

This study is not for wimpy women.  The ride promises to be bumpy but the destination is worth it.  Keep your eyes straight ahead (focus on the hope you have in Jesus), your map open (Bible study), your gas tank full (disciplined prayer life), your windows closed (to guard against outside influences) and let Jesus do the driving.  Don’t be naïve about hitchhikers, but do fill your car with family and friends who also believe.  Upon arrival, Jesus has promised to present you to God without fault and with great joy.  Doesn’t that sound better than any road trip you’ve ever taken?

Like the other Illumination studies, this workbook is written from the New International Version.  You should be able to answer all questions by either examining the text or examining your heart.  You will surely need the Holy Spirit’s assistance for both of these activities so don’t even think about opening your book without praying first.

If you receive any benefit from this study, all the glory goes to God. He is the one who has enabled me to type even one word in this book.  A special thanks to the WOW committee and Debbie McAfee for the hours they have spent editing.  And to my husband, Billy, –a big hug for helping me road test the “Pensive Ponderings.”

Paula Rhodes