I and II Thessalonians

I and II Thessalonians

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A Note of Introduction...

We all need to be reassured from time to time that Christ is really coming back and that we as Christians have no reason to fear the end of time. We are often confused and don’t really know how to interpret many of the prophecies surrounding His second coming. Can letters written to the church at Thessalonica so long ago really give us the assurance we need, quiet our fears and answer our questions today? The answer is, YES. God’s word is so powerful and is so applicable to us today that it should always be the first place we turn for answers.

The young church at Thessalonica had become upset and unsettled so Paul wrote to them from Corinth around A.D. 51 to strengthen their faith and give them hope. Paul also told them how to prepare for the second coming. This church had been established during Paul’s second missionary tour in an atmosphere of persecution and was made up of converted Jews, Greeks and many leading women.

Thessalonica was the largest and most important city in Macedonia. It had a bustling seaport and was the capital of the province. The Jewish community was  large enough for a synagogue. It was at the synagogue that Paul spoke for three Sabbaths and shared the good news. Because of intense persecution Paul and his companions, Silas and Timothy, had to leave quickly.  He wrote two letters to the church to clear up confusion regarding Christ’s return, as well as instructions on how to live worthy of the calling.

These lessons have been written from the New International Version of the Bible and the questions were designed to be answered using only your Bible and occasionally a dictionary as resources. Each lesson has been divided into five sections so you can spread your study time out over several days and let God’s words influence your daily walk. Please be sure to pray before you begin each lesson.

As you study these letters over the next twelve weeks, let God’s words fill you with hope and help you to become a worthy servant so that you will not be caught unaware when Christ comes back for His own.

Debbie McAfee