Living by Faith - Digital Book

Living by Faith - Digital Book

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 A Note of Introduction

The lives of GOD’S people are beginning to change dramatically as evidenced in this study of HIS people through the eyes of Habakkuk and Daniel. Their lives are not only changing because of their unfaithful choices but because it is GOD’S comprehensive, eternal plan. Visible in the study of Daniel are the picturesque stories of lions, fiery furnaces, writings on walls—stories of righteous men living in a pagan world, making faithful choices. But the study of Daniel is so much more than the obvious stories that all of us loved to hear as children. The story of Daniel is a picture of GOD’S wonderful plan—a plan that seems confusing and frightening but one that promises a very happy ending for GOD’S people. Daniel is one of those books that is best understood and appreciated if the last chapter is read first—when you know the ending—you’ll understand all the plots in between!

Peering into Daniel one will see that GOD is changing from being very visible and communicative to becoming transparent and seemingly silent—silent physically but extremely active in the spiritual warfare of HIS people. HIS people, who have been commanded to live separate from Gentile nations, will now live in the midst of Gentiles and at their mercy. GOD is deliberately positioning HIS Hebrew nation to point the Gentiles to HIM. Israel’s inheritance is transforming from a physical inheritance to a spiritual one, guaranteed not by tribal membership but by inclusion in the BOOK OF LIFE.

Is captivity really going to end when seventy years is up? Find out for yourself by taking this journey with GOD’S people through the eyes of Daniel. Look past the obvious and peer into the plan GOD has designed for you.

These lessons have been written from the New International Version of the Bible, but of course, you are not limited to that version. The questions were designed to be answered using only your Bible as a resource. Please be sure to pray before you begin each lesson.

Both of us have come to realize that we do not stand in fearful awe of GOD, like Daniel did. We have been convicted that confession and humility are inherent to a godly servant’s life. Through this study, may GOD bless you with understanding to live by faith.

  Connie Barker and Karla Taylor