Mark - Digital Book

Mark - Digital Book

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A note of introduction...

Are you hungry for a life filled with meaningful worship and purpose instead of busyness and empty activity?  Are you looking for peace instead of chaos?  Are you searching for answers that go beyond what you grew up with? May I suggest the gospel of Mark. It holds promise in all these areas as a book for women serving God and others in the new Millennium...and forever. I pray that God can use this study to make his timeless principles come alive all over again in a new and fresh way that will change your life and grow your faith. 

The lessons have been written using the New International Version of the Bible.  Even if you use a different version you should have little trouble answering all the questions.  Note that it may not be necessary to look up every reference listed to find your answer but they are given for those of you having difficulty or with a special interest and desire for deeper study.  Remember that completing a few questions is better than none so don’t be discouraged if you are not able to finish each lesson.  If you can glean just one principle or new idea, God will use it to benefit you.  Bear in mind however, that you may be missing a blessing if you give up too quickly or allow the opposition to convince you there is not enough time. 

Are you ready to learn how to be a servant in the style of Jesus?  Let’s get started...after you say a prayer to ensure you receive what God has prepared for you.


Paula Rhodes