Paul's Personal Letters - Digital Book

Paul's Personal Letters - Digital Book

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A Note of Introduction

In our fast-paced society of cell phones, computers, e-mail and instant messages, letter writing has almost become a lost art. The idea of sitting down and putting pen to paper…of capturing our thoughts in a way that is permanent and very tangible is something that is almost foreign to us.

Yet, the delight of receiving a letter lives on. Each day when I go to the mailbox, my five-year-old asks, “Is there a letter for me?” When the answer is “No,” (as it almost always is), the dismay is evident. But, when the answer is “Yes, there is a letter for you!” the delight spreads over her whole body. Sometimes she can’t even wait to get inside to open it. “Who loves me enough to send a letter?” “Who is thinking about me?”

Timothy, Titus and Philemon most likely each had the same reaction as my five-year-old. They probably could hardly wait to get inside to open the letter from their beloved mentor, Paul.

The Apostle Paul understood the power of the written word…the delight of letters…the tangible evidence of caring. In these short New Testament Books (I & II Timothy, Titus and Philemon) we see the heart of a great man of God. We see what matters to him as he encourages and admonishes these young men in the faith.

Join us as we “open” these letters and learn the same truths that Paul shared with his sons in the faith: The importance of church leadership, the relationship between life and doctrine, your personal role and responsibility in the church, the power of the gospel message and the validity of richness in Christ. We hope this study guide will encourage you to grow and think and then, just like Paul urged Timothy in II Timothy 2:15, each of us will be “a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

Like all other Illuminations studies, this workbook is written from the New International Version. You should be able to answer all the questions by either examining the text or examining your life. Please be sure to pray before you begin each lesson.

Our minds and thoughts have been challenged by the study of these New Testaments books. We are not the same women we were when we began writing this study guide; we have become convicted about the power of God and the influence our daily walk with Him has on the people around us. We pray the same blessing for you as you examine and meditate on God’s word through these letters of the Apostle Paul.

Connie Barker and Karla Taylor