Who Am I Lord? -  Digital Book

Who Am I Lord? - Digital Book

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                                                      A Note of Introduction


I am thrilled that you have decided to take part in this study.  We will be spending the next 12 weeks examining the lives of women found in the books of Genesis and Matthew.  We will take time each week to learn what obstacles these women had to overcome to become the women God intended them to be, and we will see how easily we can identify with many of these same obstacles in our lives today.  We will rejoice in their triumphs as they fulfill God’s purpose for their lives and mourn their hardships and failures.

Lisa Bevere in her book, Fight Like a Girl, reminds us that we cannot become what we were created to be until we remember who we are.  Do you know who you are?  Have you bought into the lies that Satan and our society throw at us   everyday as to our value and worth?  God wants you to know that you are His.  He knows the real you and has a purpose for your life. You are His cherished daughter and He adores you. 

As we will find out in our study, Jesus was a circle extender.  He elevated the status of women and included them in His circle in a culture where that was      unheard of.  Let’s learn from His example and become our sisters’ keepers by    being more inclusive.

   She drew a circle that shut me out,

    Excluding me by clique and clout,

    But Love and I had the will to win

    I extended my circle to take her in.

adapted from Edwin Markham, “Outwitted”

At the first of each section, I have included a paragraph which will give you some background and additional information as you prepare to answer that section’s questions.  This workbook is written from the NIV.  You should be able to answer all the questions by either examining the text or your life experiences.  Please be sure to pray before you begin each lesson and let God reveal something of Himself and how He sees you His precious one.

I want to thank my editors and my family for all of their efforts and                     encouragement.  None of these lessons would have come together without them. May God bless you with new insight as you study His word.

Debbie McAfee