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Coming Soon!! The Heartbeat of a Righteous Woman

Light My Path Ministries is in the final editing stages for a six week study entitled The Heartbeat of a Righteous Woman.  This is a six weeks study focusing on the lives of several Old and New Testament women and how their purpose, legacy, relationships, burdens, and hearts intertwine with ours.   The cover will soon be posted on this website so please keep watching for the books debut!

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Another Bad Question

  The first unhealthy question we ask ourselves during difficult times in life is "Why?"   The second unhealthy question people often ask is "Who sent this to me - God or Satan?" This is another one of those questions that usually has no answer; you probably will not know in this life. Sometimes we get really bogged down in who is producing the difficulties. Is this a test from Satan? Is this a test from God? The Bible speaks to both of those ideas. God’s word definitely teaches us that Satan is allowed to test us; he is allowed to bring difficult things into our lives. In John 10:10 is says Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Or in...

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