How blessed are you?

If someone asked you, "How do you know you are blessed?"  What would you say?  Would you think about all your possessions, the house you live in, your children, your grandchildren, having a bed to sleep in, food to eat...?  Would you think about all those things that make you feel loved, and warm, safe, and happy?  Yes, those truly are great blessings to have and lots of people today don't even have the basic life necessities of food, clothing and shelter.  But does your list and life's basic necessities really identify you as being blessed? 

The Psalms are so rich in teaching us who God is and who we are to be (or not to be!).  Open your bible and take a look at Psalm 89, particularly verses 11-18.  That passage reminds us that everything is God's, he made all of it.  God is mighty, strong, exalted, righteous and just; loving kindness and truth precede HIM.  But then verse 15-18 says "How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!  O Lord, they walk in the light of Thy countenance.  In Thy name they rejoice all the day, and by Thy righteousness they are exalted.  For thou art the glory of their strength, And by Thy favor our horn is exalted.  For our shield belongs to the Lord, and our king to the Holy One of Israel." (New American Standard).

Now answer the question, "How do you know you are blessed?"  Do you recognize the joyful sound?  Do you walk in the light of HIS countenance?  Do you rejoice in HIS name?  Is HE your strength?  Compare your answers to these questions to your first list. 

How do you know you are blessed?

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